Things Aspirants Should Avoid To Prepare And Qualify For The Competitive Examination


A critical view of Aspirants and Competitive Examination

Things competitive aspirants avoid

  • An irrelevant person as a mentor
  • Inconducive atmosphere
  • Officers coaching
  • Use of social media
  • Reliance on ready-made notes
  • Listen to everyone’s advice

Critical overview


A bout for a better, stable, and reputed life motivates many to curve themselves towards state machinery, so the cadres of Central Superior Services (CSS) examination become the aim of the most. Though the choice is trouble-free, the journey is full of hiccups and hurdles. If you are a fresher who knows nothing, or a little bit, the cruise is going to prove more tiresome and challenging. However, to make the sail smooth, you should keep a few things at your arm’s length to attain the maximum from your efforts in the row of success. First, choosing a captain who is unaware of the route would certainly lead to a death spiral. Furthermore, an inconducive atmosphere and substandard coaching could hurt in the long run as the competitive exam demands critical evaluation of the issue to score high. Apart from these, excessive use of social media and reliance on ready-to-read study material would bring the success curve in the wrong direction. Above all, many aspirants find themselves grasping at a straw in the examination hall, for they had not paid due importance to writing skills. So, the right steps at the right time during the preparation for the CSS examination would fetch the glory of triumph.

A critical overview of the previous results of the CSS examination shows that the performance of aspirants is not up to the mark. Though the country is floating in a huge aquarium of academies, only those aspirants able to rank at the top position who are aware of themselves and the vicious surroundings around them. An analysis of candidates getting the lowest merit shows that many stuck in the hand of professional agents who contribute to wasting their precious time. The reasons could be numerous; however, a few things that needed to be avoided are discussed here to be the best. 

A good mentor during the journey of the CSS examination is as crucial as a lighthouse in guiding a ship in the right direction. Without proper guidelines, you will find yourself in the middle of the sea. A similar situation is countered by many CSS aspirants while preparing for the competitive examination. Like most Pakistani without doing any research, they become prey to different trappers who not only disarray them but also become a cause of their failure. So, it is pivotal to find the right person for the job of mentor as your future is at stake. As aptly said by Benjamin Franklin

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”.

In addition, an uncompetitive environment is poison for an aspirant as he could never foster to the level of his peers. There is only so much a single man can do, but when placed in a group with other men of similar talent- the possibilities for new ventures are limitless. Aspirants mostly lack conducive surroundings for a competitive examination; therefore, they remained unable to unleash their potential. An aspirant has to find an ever-challenging studying place for himself where he could nurture his skills and become aware of his weaknesses. As correctly said by Robert F Kennedy,

“Competition on anything is good, because it makes everybody better.”

Officer’s coaching is another wound that has become so cancerous that it will not heal despite all efforts. When a vacuum is available, it is filled by anything, good or bad. In the case of Pakistan, the chasm is webbed by civil officers who had passed the exam and are now damaging the future of aspirants. Despite the awareness that the things that worked for them might not be suitable for other aspirants, many officers are directing the aspirants into an abyss of darkness with no hope of return. That’s why aspirants should try to create their bondage with an institution leading them to their desired cadre. As truly said by Zig Ziglar,

“Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hours days.”

The competitive exam is about knowledge, concepts, and memory, and to achieve these, one has to consult multiple resources. Most students make the mistake of relying on the readymade study material of different publishers or qualifiers, which brings a bad omen of failure into their lives. As when you do your own research, you unconsciously imbibe a lot of other good stuff in your mind, which helps in building arguments and critical analysis of your own. Moreover, many aspirants become numb in the examination hall as they never prepared themselves for the unexpected. So, the rational way to maximize the chance of success is to do your own research and make your own notes. As justly said by Winston Churchill,

“Our future is in our hands.”

It is a truism that good advice could help you to surmount Everest, but at the same time, multiple words from multiple mouths could lead you into a chasm of uncertainty. Unfortunately, many naive aspirants starting their cruise from starch fall prey to listening to every Tom, Luke, and Duke. As neither the aspirants are aware of their playground nor those spectators know the gameplay, it is utter foolishness to ask anyone other than your mentor to guide you on the right path. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to one direction after mapping your road, ignoring every other array. As aptly said,

“Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

The competitive examination is not only prestigious but also nerve-wracking examination and requires dedication and consistency. Many enter its premises but, sooner or later, leave it because the aforementioned factors make their life a spiral of cog mires. A large number of qualifiers call themselves mentors leading many aspirants to an emotional and financial crisis. In addition, social media marketing has proved a curse for aspirants as these so-called mentors could easily trap freshers. Apart from this, aspirants are also responsible for their damage, for they do not bother to do research and development to reach the right person. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is still not vanished as now aspirants choose their mentors after proper scrutiny. Further, to perish the hollow shell of academies and officer coaching, many competitive teachers are working selflessly to facilitate and aware aspirants from the crooks of society. To sum up, despite all impediments and hiccups, if an aspirant is just and committed to himself, he finds the right person and path ultimately.

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