PVC Wall Panels: The Best Solution for Seepage Walls

The increasing humidity in walls and rusting of plaster from walls has become a cause of headache for almost everyone everywhere including Pakistan. The outdated sanitary system and standing water in the streets have also made paint impossible to keep sticking to walls for a longer period. Using stickers and other wall sheets do some makeup for the falling paint but destroys the outlook of the room.

However, this problem is going to end today as the practical and long-lasting solution is here. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) wall panel has proved a blessing for every household for it is not only the best alternative to painting but also gives rooms an eye-relaxing beauty. The article gives a complete guide about PVC wall panels’ price, benefits, and much more.

PVC wall panels are now the most common wall protectors around the world. They are available in almost every city without any difficulty with the almost same pricing. As far as their material is concerned, they are made of durable material same which is used to make PVC water pipes. The base is completely plastic while the front is covered with long-lasting lamination films which give the panel a phenomenal look. All in all, PVC wall paneling is a wise and economical alternative to paint and other same stuff to cover walls.

Unlike paint, it does not require any base coating or any other formality. In fact, it can be easily applied on a plastered wall with clips and have a simple interlocking system. Moreover, it comes in multiple designs, like flat panels, groove panels, etc. There are also other panels such as foam PVC panels and 3D PVC panels but they are not as convenient and have high prices which makes them a luxury item. So, PVC wall panels are the best option among all others available in the market.

The price of a PVC wall panel in Pakistan ranges from 450 to 1000 rupees depending upon the design. More or less the quality is the same; the price difference is because of the city in which the person lives or the size you want. For instance, their price is around 450 to 500 rupees if the buyer is in Multan, Lahore, Sialkot, or any other small city while in Islamabad, they can cost from 600 to 1000 and the same is the case in Karachi. Therefore, on a rough estimate, they can be found as low as 450 rupees after a few struggles.

When it comes to their length, they are available in 10 by 114 inches everywhere. The width can vary about 1 inch but mostly remains the same. So, for a room of 10×10, the cost would be around twenty-two thousand (22,00) to twenty-five thousand (25,000) rupees.

The PVC wall panel is a rational choice as it has multiple benefits. First, the lamination on the panel is made up of polyurethane giving the panel a shiny and smooth look which ultimately enhances the beauty of the room. Second, it is not only handy with seepage and dampness in the wall but also dust and stain resistant. More, it is washable and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, making it like new.

Above all, it is very easy to install and also provides insulation to the room. It took almost a day to install it in a room. Moreover, it is easy to change without any damage to walls. Importantly, it is available in multiple colors and designs, and it is also recyclable having minimum damage to the environment.

 In lots of benefits, it also has a con in that it can be damaged when hit or cut by a sharp object. So, it is suitable for such rooms where children play all the time.

On the whole, PVC wall panels are a good option for offices, guest rooms, drawing rooms, and even living rooms. They not only provide beauty to the room but also are durable against moisture. Moreover, they do not cost too much and can easily be changed with a lot of easiness as compared to paint. Therefore, it is equally suitable for commercial and residential buildings. With that, if you are thinking to renovate your room, I would suggest that you should go with PVC wall paneling.  

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