Shyam Singha Roy: a movie worth watching

It is well said it is not only a story but also a synchronous selection of characters that paints a glamourous picture on the canvas. Shyam Singha Roy is one of those stories, though fictional but impactful. Before unzipping the story first succinctly discuss the maker and the cast. The movie is written by Satyadev Janga who started his career in 2005 with the Telugu film ‘A Film by Aravind’ while the director is Rahul Sankritgan whose third film it is. The cast includes ‘Nani’ as the lead male character while ‘Krithi Shetty’, only 19, and ‘Sai Pallavi’ are the female leads.

The film starts with a guy trying to prove himself as a director who makes short story videos on a video-sharing platform. For his next script, he finds Krithi as the best choice who initially resist but later agrees to the lead role. The story becomes able to impress the big cats of the industry, so they contracted him for a movie. Again, the story attracts the audience more than expected. With this, a foreign film-making company signs him to write a script for them. But, at the launch event, Vasu (Nani) was arrested for Copywrite infringement by a prominent publishing house ‘RJ’.

When the case proceeds Vasu plead not guilty and was released on bail. Later discussing the case with his lawyer Vasu went into a different zone where Krithi who is studying psychology realized that Vasu has some problem. To confirm his doubt, she asked his teacher about it who suggests clinical hypnosis on Vasu. Here is the point where Shyam Singha Roy came into the story.       

Shyam Singha Roy is a foreign graduate who writes to highlight the injustices and class system in society. For his eager acts, he causes shame to his family and plans to leave his village for Kolkata. But then he saw a girl, Sai Pallavi, who makes his heart unsettled, so he abandons the idea of leaving without her. Now he faces a new problem as Pallavi is a Dav Dasi who is like a Nun. Dasi is someone who says goodbye to the world for the Permatra and lives under the shade of a Guru.

Shyam not only expresses his feeling to her but also gave the name ‘Rosy’. She starts to sneak out with Roy every night. At one point, Roy asked him to leave with him for a better life, however, though wanting to go with him, she refused by saying that she is a Dasi. The twist came when the next night she does not come out of the fort, so he went into the fort where he finds that she is badly beaten by Guru as she stands against him when he orders an underage girl to come into his room. Upon seeing all this, he killed Guru and left for Kolkata with Rosy.

In Kolkata, Roy starts to work for ‘RJ publication’. After a little time, he starts writing in the newspaper where he gets famous as a revolutionist. Soon after, he publishes his writings which became part of every household in no time. Later one day his older brother came to meet him and told him that their oldest brother in unwell and he wants to meet him. Although Rosy asked him to no go, he left for the village with his brother promising her he will return. On their way to the village, Roy writes a short story and gave it to his brother. When Roy reached home his oldest brother killed him as of the shame he has brought to the family.

In the next scene, Vasu wakes up with all his past memories. Immediately, he went in the search of Rosy to whom he promised to return, but he could not find her. The next day, he has to appear before the court where the judge was almost pronouncing his decree the Chairman of RJ production came to give testimony. The chairman, who is his older brother with whom he went to his village, testifies that Vasu is Roy as the first short film that Vasu has made is the same which Roy has given to him on the way to their village.

Hence Vasu was set free by the court. His brother told him that Rosy is alive and he has hide her from their brother. On hearing this, Vasu immediately went to meet her where she dies in his arms as this was the wish she once made before Roy.

In the end, I would say that the film is worth watching. Each character is perfect for its role specially Shyam Singha Roy.  The story is good so the direction is. All in all, I would recommend all movie lovers to watch it, for you should not miss the gem in the dust.         

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